Earn extra money on your trips with a free Octopus tablet!

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How does Play Octopus work?

Play Octopus partners with qualified rideshare drivers to offer free entertainment tablets and accessories for their passengers. Your riders will enjoy games, prizes and offers from top brands with the Play Octopus experience. Rideshare drivers that drive with Play Octopus report increased ratings, boosted tips and better conversations with riders. Plus, Octopus drivers receive direct earnings from Octopus and have access to exclusive offers.

Absolutely! Just check out our testimonial page from the Play Octopus community. Over 90% of our rideshare partners have stated that Play Octopus improved their ridesharing experience.

Play Octopus is free. We just ask that you complete 100 rideshare trips or record at least 40 hours online per month with the tablet. If you are no longer logging at least 40 hours online per month with the tablet, we just ask that you return your tablet using our pre-paid return label.

Our drivers typically receive $50-$75 additional earnings per month just for doing what they already do… driving rideshare. Our top earners have achieved upwards of $100 per month! You will earn points for driving. For every 250 points you earn, you can cash out $25.

Plus, you can always refer new drivers to Play Octopus and receive a $25+ bonus for each driver that gets a tablet with your referral code.